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Snowflake Ingestion Guide: Overview

What You Will Get Out of This Guide

This guide will help you set up the Snowflake connector to begin ingesting metadata into DataHub.

Upon completing this guide, you will have a recurring ingestion pipeline that will extract metadata from Snowflake and load it into DataHub. This will include to following Snowflake asset types:

  • Databases
  • Schemas
  • Tables
  • External Tables
  • Views
  • Materialized Views

The pipeline will also extract:

  • Usage statistics to help you understand recent query activity (available if using Snowflake Enterprise edition or above)
  • Table- and Column-level lineage to automatically define interdependencies between datasets and columns (available if using Snowflake Enterprise edition or above)
  • Table-level profile statistics to help you understand the shape of the data

You will NOT have extracted Stages, Snowpipes, Streams, Tasks, Procedures from Snowflake, as the connector does not support ingesting these assets yet.


By default, DataHub only profiles datasets that have changed in the past 1 day. This can be changed in the YAML editor by setting the value of profile_if_updated_since_days to something greater than 1.

Additionally, DataHub only extracts usage and lineage information based on operations performed in the last 1 day. This can be changed by setting a custom value for start_time and end_time in the YAML editor.

To learn more about setting these advanced values, check out the Snowflake Ingestion Source.

Next Steps

If that all sounds like what you're looking for, navigate to the next page, where we'll talk about prerequisites.

Advanced Guides and Reference

If you want to ingest metadata from Snowflake using the DataHub CLI, check out the following resources: