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A Generalized Metadata Search & Discovery Tool

Data ecosystems are diverse — too diverse. DataHub is a data discovery application built on an extensible metadata platform that helps you tame this complexity.

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Open Source

Open Source

DataHub was originally built at LinkedIn and subsequently open-sourced under the Apache 2.0 License. It now has a thriving community with over 75 contributors, and many organizations are trying out or already using DataHub internally.

Forward Looking Architecture

Forward Looking Architecture

DataHub follows a push-based architecture, which means it's built for continuously changing metadata. The modular design lets it scale with data growth at any organization, from a single database under your desk to multiple data centers spanning the globe.

Massive Ecosystem

Massive Ecosystem

DataHub has pre-built integrations with your favorite systems: Kafka, Airflow, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, LDAP, Snowflake, Hive, BigQuery, and many others. The community is continuously adding more integrations, so this list keeps getting longer and longer.

Trusted Across the Industry

Supported integrations

How does it work?

Automated Metadata Ingestion

Push-based ingestion can use a prebuilt emitter or can emit custom events using our framework.

Pull-based ingestion crawls a metadata source. We have prebuilt integrations with Kafka, MySQL, MS SQL, Postgres, LDAP, Snowflake, Hive, BigQuery, and more. Ingestion can be automated using our Airflow integration or another scheduler of choice.

DataHub's push-based architecture also supports pull, but pull-first systems cannot support push. Learn more about metadata ingestion with DataHub in the docs.

type: "mysql"
username: "datahub"
password: "datahub"
host_port: "localhost:3306"
type: "datahub-rest"
server: 'http://localhost:8080'
datahub ingest -c recipe.yml
Browsing DataHub

Discover Trusted Data

Browse and search over a continuously updated catalog of datasets, dashboards, charts, ML models, and more.

Understand Data in Context

DataHub is the one-stop shop for documentation, schemas, ownership, lineage, and pipelines. Usage and data quality information coming soon.

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