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Subscriptions & Notifications

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Self-Hosted DataHub
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DataHub's Subscriptions and Notifications feature gives you real-time change alerts on data assets of your choice. With this feature, you can set up subscriptions to specific changes for an Entity – and DataHub will notify you when those changes happen. Currently, DataHub supports notifications on Slack and Email, with support for Microsoft Teams forthcoming.

Email will work out of box. For installing the DataHub Slack App, see: 👉 Configure Slack for Notifications

This feature is especially useful in helping you stay on top of any upstream changes that could impact the assets you or your stakeholders rely on. It eliminates the need for you and your team to manually check for upstream changes, or for upstream stakeholders to identify and notify impacted users. As a user, you can subscribe to and receive notifications about changes such as deprecations, schema changes, changes in ownership, assertions, or incidents. You’ll always been in the know about potential data quality issues so you can proactively manage your data resources.


Once you have configured Slack within your DataHub instance, you will be able to subscribe to any Entity in DataHub and begin recieving notifications via DM. To begin receiving personal notifications, go to Settings > "My Notifications". From here, toggle on Slack Notifications and input your Slack Member ID.

If you want to create and manage group-level Subscriptions for your team, you will need the following privileges:

  • Manage Group Notification Settings
  • Manage Group Subscriptions

Using DataHub’s Subscriptions and Notifications Feature

The first step is identifying the assets you want to subscribe to. DataHub’s Lineage and Impact Analysis features can help you identify upstream entities that could impact the assets you use and are responsible for. You can use the Subscriptions and Notifications feature to sign up for updates for your entire team, or just for yourself.

Subscribing Your Team/Group to Notifications

The dropdown menu next to the Subscribe button lets you choose who the subscription is for. To create a group subscription, click on Manage Group Subscriptions.

Next, customize the group’s subscriptions by selecting the types of changes you want the group to be notified about.

Connect to Slack. Currently, Acryl's Subscriptions and Notifications feature integrates only with Slack. Add your group’s Slack Channel ID to receive notifications on Slack. (You can find your Channel ID in the About section of your channel on Slack.)

Individually Subscribing to an Entity

Select the Subscribe Me option in the Subscriptions dropdown menu.

Pick the updates you want to be notified about, and connect your Slack account by using your Slack Member ID.


You can find your Slack Member ID in your profile settings.

Managing Your Subscriptions

You can enable, disable, or manage notifications at any time to ensure that you receive relevant updates.

Simply use the Dropdown menu next to the Subscribe button to unsubscribe from the asset, or to manage/modify your subscription (say, to modify the changes you want to be updated about).

You can also view and manage your subscriptions in your DataHub settings page.

You can view and manage the group’s subscriptions on the group’s page on DataHub.

Subscribing to Assertions

You can always subscribe to all assertion status changes on a table using the steps outlined in the earlier sections. However, in some cases you may want to only be notified about specific assertions on a table. For instance, a table may contain several subsets of information, segmented by a category column - so there may be several different checks for each category. As a consumer, you may only care about the freshness check that runs on one specific category of this larger table.

You can subscribe to individual assertions by clicking the bell button on the assertion itself - either in the list view:


Or on the assertion's profile page:


Note: if you are subscribed to all assertions at the dataset level, then you will not be able to Unsubscribe from an individual assertion.


You must first remove your dataset-level subscription:


Then select individual assertions you'd like to subscribe to:



What changes can I be notified about using this feature?
You can subscribe to deprecations, Assertion status changes, Incident status changes, Schema changes, Ownership changes, Glossary Term changes, and Tag changes.

What if I no longer want to receive updates about a data asset?
You can unsubscribe from any asset to stop receiving notifications about it. On the asset’s DataHub page, simply use the dropdown menu next to the Subscribe button to unsubscribe from the asset.

What if I want to be notified about different changes?
To modify your subscription, use the dropdown menu next to the Subscribe button to modify the changes you want to be notified about.