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Removing Metadata from DataHub

There are a two ways to delete data from DataHub.

Configuring DataHub CLI#

The CLI will point to localhost DataHub by default. Running

datahub init

will allow you to customize the datahub instance you are communicating with.

Note: Provide your GMS instance's host when the prompt asks you for the DataHub host.

Alternatively, you can set the following env variables if you don't want to use a config file


The env variables take precendence over what is in the config.

Delete By Urn#

To delete all the data related to a single entity, run

datahub delete --urn "<my urn>"

Note: make sure you surround your urn with quotes! If you do not include the quotes, your terminal may misinterpret the command.

Rollback Ingestion Batch Run#

Whenever you run datahub ingest -c ..., all the metadata ingested with that run will have the same run id.

To view the ids of the most recent set of ingestion batches, execute

datahub ingest list-runs

That will print out a table of all the runs. Once you have an idea of which run you want to roll back, run

datahub ingest show --run-id <run-id>

to see more info of the run.

Finally, run

datahub ingest rollback --run-id <run-id>

To rollback all aspects added with this run and all entities created by this run.