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Configuring Your Tableau Connector to DataHub

Now that you have created a DataHub-specific user with the relevant access in Tableau in the prior step, it's now time to set up a connection via the DataHub UI.

Configure Secrets

  1. Within DataHub, navigate to the Ingestion tab in the top, right corner of your screen

Navigate to the "Ingestion Tab"


If you do not see the Ingestion tab, please contact your DataHub admin to grant you the correct permissions

  1. Navigate to the Secrets tab and click Create new secret

Secrets Tab

  1. Create a username secret

    This will securely store your Tableau username within DataHub

    • Enter a name like TABLEAU_USERNAME - we will use this later to refer in recipe
    • Enter the username, setup in the setup guide
    • Optionally add a description
    • Click Create

    Tableau Username Secret

  2. Create a password secret

    This will securely store your Tableau password within DataHub

    • Enter a name like TABLEAU_PASSWORD - we will use this later to refer in recipe
    • Enter the password of the user, setup in the setup guide
    • Optionally add a description
    • Click Create

    Tableau Password Secret

Configure Recipe

  1. Navigate to on the Sources tab and then Create new source

Click "Create new source"

  1. Select Tableau

Select Tableau from the options

  1. Fill in the Tableau Recipe form:

    You need to set minimum following fields in the recipe:

    a. Host URL: URL of your Tableau instance (e.g., It is available in browser address bar on Tableau Portal.

    b. Username: Use the TABLEAU_USERNAME secret (e.g., "${TABLEAU_USERNAME}").

    c. Password: Use the TABLEAU_PASSWORD secret (e.g., "${TABLEAU_PASSWORD}").

    d. Site: Required only if using tableau cloud/ tableau online

To filter specific project, use project_pattern fields.

- "SalesProject"

Your recipe should look something like this:

tableau recipe in form format

Click Next when you're done.

Schedule Execution

Now it's time to schedule a recurring ingestion pipeline to regularly extract metadata from your Tableau instance.

  1. Decide how regularly you want this ingestion to run-- day, month, year, hour, minute, etc. Select from the dropdown

schedule selector

  1. Ensure you've configured your correct timezone


  2. Click Next when you are done

Finish Up

  1. Name your ingestion source, then click Save and Run

    Name your ingestion

You will now find your new ingestion source running


Validate Ingestion Runs

  1. View the latest status of ingestion runs on the Ingestion page

ingestion succeeded

  1. Click the plus sign to expand the full list of historical runs and outcomes; click Details to see the outcomes of a specific run


  1. From the Ingestion Run Details page, pick View All to see which entities were ingested


  1. Pick an entity from the list to manually validate if it contains the detail you expected


Congratulations! You've successfully set up Tableau as an ingestion source for DataHub!