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Version: 0.13.1

BigQuery Ingestion Guide: Overview

What You Will Get Out of This Guide

This guide will help you set up the BigQuery connector through the DataHub UI to begin ingesting metadata into DataHub.

Upon completing this guide, you will have a recurring ingestion pipeline that will extract metadata from BigQuery and load it into DataHub. This will include to following BigQuery asset types:

This recurring ingestion pipeline will also extract:

  • Usage statistics to help you understand recent query activity
  • Table-level lineage (where available) to automatically define interdependencies between datasets
  • Table- and column-level profile statistics to help you understand the shape of the data

You will NOT have extracted Routines, Search Indexes from BigQuery, as the connector does not support ingesting these assets

Next Steps

If that all sounds like what you're looking for, navigate to the next page, where we'll talk about prerequisites

Advanced Guides and Reference

If you're looking to do something more in-depth, want to use CLI instead of the DataHub UI, or just need to look at the reference documentation for this connector, use these links:

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