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Version: 0.13.1


Sources are the data systems that we are extracting metadata from.

In general, the source will be defined at the top of the recipe like below.

type: <source_name>
option_1: <value>

Types of Source

The Sources tab on the left in the sidebar shows you all the sources that are available for you to ingest metadata from. For example, we have sources for BigQuery, Looker, Tableau and many others.

Find an Integration Source

See the full list of integrations and filter on their features.

Metadata Ingestion Source Status

We apply a Support Status to each Metadata Source to help you understand the integration reliability at a glance.

Certified: Certified Sources are well-tested & widely-adopted by the DataHub Community. We expect the integration to be stable with few user-facing issues.

Incubating: Incubating Sources are ready for DataHub Community adoption but have not been tested for a wide variety of edge-cases. We eagerly solicit feedback from the Community to streghten the connector; minor version changes may arise in future releases.

Testing: Testing Sources are available for experiementation by DataHub Community members, but may change without notice.