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Version: 0.13.1

Introduction to Scheduling Metadata Ingestion

Given a recipe file /home/ubuntu/datahub_ingest/mysql_to_datahub.yml.

type: mysql
# Coordinates
host_port: localhost:3306
database: dbname

# Credentials
username: root
password: example

type: datahub-rest
server: http://localhost:8080

We can do ingestion of our metadata using DataHub CLI as follows

datahub ingest -c /home/ubuntu/datahub_ingest/mysql_to_datahub.yml

This will ingest metadata from the mysql source which is configured in the recipe file. This does ingestion once. As the source system changes we would like to have the changes reflected in DataHub. To do this someone will need to re-run the ingestion command using a recipe file.

An alternate to running the command manually we can schedule the ingestion to run on a regular basis. In this section we give some examples of how scheduling ingestion of metadata into DataHub can be done.