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Version: 0.13.1

Authorization using Groups


DataHub provides the ability to use Groups to manage policies.

Why do we need groups for authorization?

Easily Applying Access Privileges

Groups are useful for managing user privileges in DataHub. If you want a set of Admin users, or you want to define a set of users that are only able to view metadata assets but not make changes to them, you could create groups for each of these use cases and apply the appropriate policies at the group-level rather than the user-level.

Syncing with Existing Enterprise Groups (via IdP)

If you work with an Identity Provider like Okta or Azure AD, it's likely you already have groups defined there. DataHub allows you to import the groups you have from OIDC for Okta and Azure AD using the DataHub ingestion framework.

If you routinely ingest groups from these providers, you will also be able to keep groups synced. New groups will be created in DataHub, stale groups will be deleted, and group membership will be updated!

Custom Groups

DataHub admins can create custom groups by going to the Settings > Users & Groups > Groups > Create Group. Members can be added to Groups via the Group profile page.

Feedback / Questions / Concerns

We want to hear from you! For any inquiries, including Feedback, Questions, or Concerns, reach out on Slack!