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DataHub Releases


VersionRelease DateLinks
v0.11.02023-09-08Release Notes, View on GitHub
v0.10.52023-08-02Release Notes, View on GitHub
v0.10.42023-06-09View on GitHub
v0.10.32023-05-25View on GitHub
v0.10.22023-04-13View on GitHub
v0.10.12023-03-23View on GitHub
v0.10.02023-02-07View on GitHub
v0.9.6.12023-01-31View on GitHub
v0.9.62023-01-13View on GitHub
v0.9.52022-12-23View on GitHub
v0.9.42022-12-20View on GitHub
v0.9.32022-11-30View on GitHub
v0.9.22022-11-04View on GitHub
v0.9.12022-10-31View on GitHub
v0.9.02022-10-11View on GitHub
v0.8.452022-09-23View on GitHub
v0.8.442022-09-01View on GitHub
v0.8.432022-08-09View on GitHub
v0.8.422022-08-03View on GitHub
v0.8.412022-07-15View on GitHub
v0.8.402022-06-30View on GitHub
v0.8.392022-06-24View on GitHub
v0.8.382022-06-09View on GitHub
v0.8.372022-06-09View on GitHub
v0.8.362022-06-02View on GitHub
v0.8.352022-05-18View on GitHub
v0.8.342022-05-04View on GitHub
v0.8.332022-04-15View on GitHub
v0.8.322022-04-04View on GitHub
v0.8.312022-03-17View on GitHub


Released on 2023-09-08 by @iprentic.

Release Highlights

Potential Downtime

This release introduces substantial improvements to search ranking which require reindexing indices.

During the reindexing:

  • a system-update job will set indices to read-only and create a backup/clone of each index
  • new components will be prevented from start-up until the reindex completes
  • Helm deployments will go into read-only mode and new ingestion runs will fail

This process can take anywhere from 5 minutes to multiple hours; as a rough estimate, please expect it to take 1 hour for every 2.3 million entities. After the reindex is complete, please check your ingestion run to re-run any that did not complete.

User Experience

New Search and Browse Experience

We have some really exciting improvements to the DataHub user experience in this release! The new search and browse experience, which was first made available in the previous release behind a feature flag, is now on by default. Check out our release notes for v0.10.5 to get more information and documentation on this new Browse experience.

<div> <a href=""> <p> Learn all about the new Search and Browse experience! </p> </a> <a href=""> <img style="max-width:300px;" src=""> </a> </div>

In addition to the ranking changes mentioned above, this release includes changes to the highlighting of search entities to understand why they match your query. You can also sort your results alphabetically or by last updated times, in addition to relevance. In this release, we suggest a correction if your query has a typo in it.

<div> <a href=""> <p>See the Search improvements in action!</p> </a> <a href=""> <img style="max-width:300px;" src=""> </a> </div>

Manage Home Page Posts

In this release we now enable you to create and delete pinned announcements on your DataHub homepage! If you have the “Manage Home Page Posts” platform privilege you’ll see a new section in settings called “Home Page Posts” where you can create and delete text posts and link posts that your users see on the home page.

OpenAPI Endpoints Expanded

OpenAPI entity and aspect endpoints expanded to improve developer experience when using this API with additional aspects to be added in the near future.

Metadata ingestion

Added support for Confluent S3 Sink Connector, extracting stored procedures and jobs from mssql, and snowflake shares. Additionally, sql parsing source now converts query logs into CLL and usage.

Developer Experience

The CLI now supports recursive deletes.

Versioned documentation

Starting from this release, we support versioned documentation on the datahub docs site! Select the version you’re on and browse docs specifically at that version.

Performance Improvements

  • Batching of default aspects on initial ingestion (SQL)
  • Improvements to multi-threading. Ingestion recipes, if previously reduced to 1 thread, can be restored to the 15 thread default.
  • Gradle 7 upgrade moderately improves build speed
  • DataHub Ingestion slim images reduced in size by 2GB+

Important Bug Fixes

  • Glue Schema Registry fixed

Deprecation Notice

  • MAE Events are no longer produced. MAE events have been deprecated for over a year.

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog:


Released on 2023-08-02 by @david-leifker.

Release Highlights

NEW: Unified Search and Browse Experience

It’s here, it’s here! We are incredibly excited to roll out our re-designed, streamlined Search and Browse experience. End-users now have a one-stop-shop to search for specific data entities and browse across systems, making it easier than ever to find the most relevant and meaningful resources within DataHub.

Checkout the screenshot below and get a full walk-through in this video!

<img width="1041" alt="CleanShot 2023-08-03 at 14 47 55@2x" src="">

User Experience

  • Column-Level Lineage (CLL) visualization update: you can now visualize CLL relationships through DataJobs (i.e. Airflow DAGs)
  • Unique Glossary Terms: We now prevent creating duplicate Glossary Term names within a Term Group
  • Domains: You can now configure the Documentation tab to be the default landing page within a Domain
  • Formatting updates to Row Count to make large numbers more human readable (ie. 3283337 > 3.2M)
  • Stats Tab: Y-axis scale now dynamically set to reflect the minimum & maximum values, improving readability

Metadata ingestion

Ingestion Enhancements:

  • BigQuery: Set platform_instance using project_id
  • PowerBI: Ingest datasets not used in visualizations (tiles/pages
  • Kafka Connect: Ability to set platform_instance
  • Nifi: Support for basic auth
  • Presto on Hive: Extract all table properties from Hive Metastore
  • Elasticsearch: Support for basic profiling
  • Add advanced configuration for LDAP manager ingestion

Lineage Improvements:

  • Schema-aware SQL parsing to derive column-level lineage
  • Column-level lineage support for BigQuery, Tableau, and Snowflake View definitions
  • Snowflake: Extract Snowpipe S3 lineage

Developer Experience

  • Fine-grained ownership policies
  • PATCH support for DataJob Inputs/Outputs
  • New endpoints to extract size of time-series indices and truncate/cleanup time-series indices in Elasticsearch; support for bulk-deletes
  • Initial support for exception reporting via Sentry
  • New OpenAPI endpoint to get Task Status
  • SDK: Easily generate container URNs


  • Improvements to our File-Based Lineage doc, specifically focused on Fine-Grained Lineage config components (link)
  • Code examples of how to manage Posts within DataHub (link)
  • Guide to generating custom browse paths for the new search experience (link)

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog:


Released on 2023-06-09 by @pedro93.

View the release notes for v0.10.4 on GitHub.


Released on 2023-05-25 by @iprentic.

View the release notes for v0.10.3 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.10.2

Released on 2023-04-13 by @iprentic.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.10.2 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.10.1

Released on 2023-03-23 by @aditya-radhakrishnan.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.10.1 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.10.0

Released on 2023-02-07 by @david-leifker.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.10.0 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.9.6.1

Released on 2023-01-31 by @david-leifker.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.9.6.1 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.9.6

Released on 2023-01-13 by @maggiehays.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.9.6 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.9.5

Released on 2022-12-23 by @jjoyce0510.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.9.5 on GitHub.

[Known Issues] DataHub v0.9.4

Released on 2022-12-20 by @maggiehays.

View the release notes for [Known Issues] DataHub v0.9.4 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.9.3

Released on 2022-11-30 by @maggiehays.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.9.3 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.9.2

Released on 2022-11-04 by @maggiehays.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.9.2 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.9.1

Released on 2022-10-31 by @maggiehays.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.9.1 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.9.0

Released on 2022-10-11 by @szalai1.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.9.0 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.8.45

Released on 2022-09-23 by @gabe-lyons.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.8.45 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.8.44

Released on 2022-09-01 by @jjoyce0510.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.8.44 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.8.43

Released on 2022-08-09 by @maggiehays.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.8.43 on GitHub.


Released on 2022-08-03 by @gabe-lyons.

View the release notes for v0.8.42 on GitHub.


Released on 2022-07-15 by @anshbansal.

View the release notes for v0.8.41 on GitHub.


Released on 2022-06-30 by @gabe-lyons.

View the release notes for v0.8.40 on GitHub.


Released on 2022-06-24 by @maggiehays.

View the release notes for v0.8.39 on GitHub.

[!] DataHub v0.8.38

Released on 2022-06-09 by @jjoyce0510.

View the release notes for [!] DataHub v0.8.38 on GitHub.

[!] DataHub v0.8.37

Released on 2022-06-09 by @jjoyce0510.

View the release notes for [!] DataHub v0.8.37 on GitHub.

DataHub V0.8.36

Released on 2022-06-02 by @treff7es.

View the release notes for DataHub V0.8.36 on GitHub.

[!] DataHub v0.8.35

Released on 2022-05-18 by @dexter-mh-lee.

View the release notes for [!] DataHub v0.8.35 on GitHub.


Released on 2022-05-04 by @maggiehays.

View the release notes for v0.8.34 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.8.33

Released on 2022-04-15 by @dexter-mh-lee.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.8.33 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.8.32

Released on 2022-04-04 by @dexter-mh-lee.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.8.32 on GitHub.

DataHub v0.8.31

Released on 2022-03-17 by @dexter-mh-lee.

View the release notes for DataHub v0.8.31 on GitHub.